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Accounting Services

Hiring the right business and accounting management service and advisory provider is paramount among the most critical choices you will make for your organization. The right financial accounting team and trusted advisor relationship will help you to manage the team properly, easily manage the hurdles on the way, to look for approaches to standardize and streamline business procedures, and really feel like your most critical partner.

Other ways through which Regis Financial Consulting can help you save time and money is by offering you direct access to our Controllership and CFO services, including financial statements, cash flow management, policies and procedures, forecasting, budgets, financing proposals, industry benchmarking, dashboards, data analysis, financial planning, customized financial reports, recommending and putting into action ways to improve the financial results of your company and much more.

RFC offers a long list of business management and advisory services related to your company. We also offer tailor made services to our preferred clients.  Regis Financial offers our clients a range of budgeting, audit support, and cost monitoring, estimating and controlling services to assist them in making the best business decisions.

With over 25 years of consulting experience behind us, Regis Financial understands the benefits gained from the insight and support of a perceptive, intelligent team on board. We know we can assist you in implementing the right solutions for the best results.

Whatever your stage of development, from initial start-up ventures to established corporate enterprises, our business advisory team has the experience, insight and solutions that you need to achieve your business goals.

We add value to your business by offering a full range of service solutions including:

  •     Business compliance

  •     Business value maximization

  •     Systems review and process re-engineering

  •     Sustainability

  •     Strategic planning

  •     Financial diagnostic analysis

  •     Cash flow and profitability

  •     Reliance on key individuals

  •     Transferability process efficiency

Knowledge is essential – timing is critical. For more information about our comprehensive business advisory services and ways that we can help grow your business, please contact a member of our team below.

Leadership Consulting

Regis Financial Consulting understands the needs of your business. Whatever your stage of the business cycle – we deliver value-added services to improve your business performance and help you achieve your objectives.

We work with you to develop key business indicators and performance goals, enhance your business drivers and identify any potential weaknesses and risks. Together, we implement the necessary changes and business strategies required to grow your business and achieve your goals.

Our Leadership Consulting team offers clients innovative ways of adding value that focus on creativity, ingenuity, and lateral thinking solutions. Our key advantage revolves around the agility and responsiveness to clients' needs that we bring to our working relationship, so that solutions are practical and scalable to ensure we deliver on our promises.
Our comprehensive Management Consulting services include:

  •     Business process improvements and business re-engineering

  •     Diagnostic analysis and project rehabilitation

  •     Organizational/operational reviews

  •     Management reporting/budgetary control reviews

  •     Operational cost reviews/pricing services/costing applications

  •     Cost saving/efficiency reviews

  •     Risk management assessments

  •     Strategic planning

For more information about our comprehensive Management Consulting services, please contact a member of our team.